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Saddi Khali in Ottawa Neo-Negritude Expressions: Reclaiming Our Sexualities


InSol: Womyn of Colour Collective, Agitate: Queer People of Colour, 3 Dreads and a Baldhead and Black Caucus presents…

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Neo-Negritude Expressions: Reclaiming Our Sexualities

Renowned artist Saddi Khali in Ottawa!!!!

“Let’s see ourselves beautiful again” Saddi Khali

The ultimate mix-master, Saddi Khali is a nationally respected New Orleans-born poet, performance artist, and photographer. He has worked for the last 20 years to blend the most effective mix of art and activism. Khali’s emergence on the field of photography has been groundbreaking. His images have been featured in ESSENCE Magazine and on the cover of the Random House book, Triksta and the instruction book, The Naked and The Lens.

Events Breakdown:

Friday 18th Nov
After Hours Party with Saddi Khali!!
Venue: The Legion
359 Kent Street (Kent and Gilmour)
Doors open at 9:00pm
dj yalla!yalla! and DJ Prufrock
Erotica readings, Bar and Refreshments available
Sliding scale $5-$10 at door

Saturday 19th Nov
Day- Reclaiming Our Sexualities workshop
Venue: Bruce House
251 Bank Street
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Donations at the door

Ottawa premiere of ‘Red Lips’ by Kyisha Williams.

Kyisha Williams is a vibrant, radical, black, queer, high femme, sex positive, activist, survivor, fighter and writer. She is a community organizer and support worker within black/queer/trans/racialized/criminalized /HIV+/HCV+ communities. She directed “Red Lips” [cages for black girls] her debut short film which explores black/racialized/criminalized/queer/trans identity and its relationship with the prison-industrial complex. It attempts to articulate links between interpersonal and systemic violence, while celebrating the ways in which we survive and celebrate ourselves.
Venue: Venus Envy
320 Lisgar
Time: 7pm
Donations at the door

Sunday 20th Nov
Black Sexualities Workshop with screening of documentary ‘Still Black’
Please note that our events are taking place during the Trans Day of Remembrance and the organizers of TDOR will be hosting a few events as well.

Directed by Kortney Ryan Ziegler, Still Black is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of six black transgender men living in the United States. Through the intimate stories of their lives as artists, students, husbands, fathers, lawyers, and teachers, the film offers viewers a complex and multi-faceted image of race, sexuality and trans identity.

Here is the Official Website: Still Black

Venue: Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
233 Gilmour Street
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Donations at the door

From Friday 18th folks will be able to book and do private or group photoshoots with Saddi.

Check out his amazing work here:

*Bus tickets and childcare (advanced notice required) can be made available*

Print the pamphlet: Neo-Negritude pamphlet

THANK YOUUUU to our sponsors:
Womyn’s Centre (Carleton University)
Venus Envy
Pride Centre (University of Ottawa)
Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC)
Sexualities Department (Carleton University)
OPIRG-GRIPO, University of Ottawa
OPIRG Carleton University


Rihanna, don’t you know….


I’ve got to agree with a post on Feministing that Eminem and Rihanna’s song  “Love the Way You Lie” is more a part of the problem than it is a constructive contribution to a discussion of intimate partner violence. In a song in which Eminem raps, “I laid hands on her/ I’ll never stoop so low again/ I guess I don’t know my own strength” and declares, “If she ever tries to fucking leave again/ I’mma tie her to the bed/ And set the house on fire,” Rihanna responds, “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.” I winced hard when I heard Rihanna sing those words, and I thought that women don’t love getting beat and living in fear. Women do not love experiencing violence, and I worry that’s the message this song is conveying.

M.I.A and her ‘racist attack’ on redheads!


To even conceptualize of the idea that people are being round up simply because somehow their identity of being Muslim somehow equates to that of a being a terrorist is absurd [to some] yet this is exactly what happens under this global regime known as the ‘war against terror’ led by the US Empire. Yet M.I.A. Brilliantly captures this absurdity that is shrouded in racist ideologies in her video ‘Born Free’ where she illustrates the rounding up and execution (read extraditions) of red-heads . And many critique her on how graphic and violent the video is but reality check! This is the reality of so many oppressed and racialized groups of people and I am more than happy that M.I.A. Was able to capture this. Excellent analysis of racist and colonial ideologies that are ridiculously veiled under notions of ‘democracy’, ‘justice’ and ‘national protection’. Thank you M.I.A for effin having ‘the balls’ (and yes that was probably politically incorrect…but what can I say) for taking this oh so necessary risk!

Big ups M.I.A.!!!!!