Our Manifesto

InSol: Women of Colour Collective is a united front of multi-ethnic women existing at many ends of the spectrum of colonial difference. We proudly identify as a dynamic fusion of critical, radical, anti-colonial, anti-racist, feminist women who stand in solidarity with the transnational struggle against all forms of oppression.

Our Mission

To take a proactive approach that fights against all forms of oppression, not limited to but including racism, colonialism, imperialism, sexism, patriarchy, ageism, ableism, heteronormativity, and classism.

Our Vision

To apply a critical, anti-racist, intersectional approach to our work;
To recognize the multi-faceted and complex identities and lived situations of our sisters in the struggle;
To remain critical and aware of our locations of power, privilege, and oppression, and their interconnections;
To remember “the Masterʼs tools will never destroy the Masterʼs house”;
To provide an alternate and safe space for unlearning and re-learning;
To respect diversity within the feminist movement and know that equity and not equality is our ultimate goal; and
To stand in solidarity with Indigenous struggles for dignity and self-determination.


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  1. Would you like to help run OPIRG? OPIRG is seeking volunteer board members to be part of its board of directors. We are trying to widen the diversity of experiences represented on the OPIRG board. We are particularly interested in your involvement based on the work you do with various groups in the community
    By joining the board of directors of OPIRG you have an opportunity to meet many social activists of the Ottawa community and participate in actively supporting local activist efforts. You will also gain real experience in managing a small non-profit organisations and gain valuable skills for future activist work or employment.
    If you or any of your members are interested in becoming a board member, please send a nomination form to the OPIRG office before 5:00 pm on Tuesday March 6th. This can be done by email, mail or by dropping it off at the office. There is also a mandatory board orientation session Tuesday March 6th at 6:30 pm in UCU 206 on the University of Ottawa campus. Please see the attachments below or visit our website http://www.opirg-gripo.ca for more information.
    Please forward widely to your members.
    Nomination forms are downloadable off of our website, http://www.opirg-gripo.ca/

    Ça vous tente de donner un coup de main avec la direction de GRIPO? GRIPO cherche des bénévoles pour joindre son conseil d’administration. Le conseil essaie d’élargir la diversité des éxpériences représentées sur le conseil d’administration. Le travail que vous faites au sein de groupes variés dans la communauté est pertinent pour GRIPO.
    En joignant le conseil d’administration de GRIPO vous avez la chance de rencontrer plusieurs militants de la communauté d’Ottawa et de participer activement à soutenir les efforts de la communauté militante. De plus, vous gagnerez de l’expérience réelle en gestion d’une petite organisation à but non-lucratif et ferez l’aquisition d’habilités pertinentes pour votre futur militantisme ou un emploi à venir.
    Si vous êtes ou si un ou une de vos membres êtes interessés à devenir membre de conseil d’administration, s’il vous plait envoyez un formulaire de candidature au bureau de GRIPO avant mardi le 6 mars à 18h30. Le formulaire peut être remis par courriel, par la poste ou en personne au bureau de GRIPO. Il y a aussi une session d’orientation obligatoire le mardi 6 mars à 18h30 au UCU 206 sur le campus de l’Université d’Ottawa. SVP référrez-vous au documents ci-bas ou visitez notre site-web http://www.opirg-gripo.ca pour plus d’informations.

    Nous vous encourageons d’envoyer ce courriel à vos membres et amis.Les formulaires de candidature peuvent être téléchargés sur notre site web, http://www.opirg-gripo.ca/

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