Workshop on Positive & Healthy Sexuality for Young Women


In An Era Of Sexting

workshop on healthy sexuality

March 12th 2011

Graduate Students’ Association Lounge, 6th floor Unicentre, Carleton University
10am – 6pm (includes mocktail hour)
In An Era Of Sexting Poster

The goal of this project is to engage with and help empower young immigrant and racialized women to discuss sexuality in a feminist, sex-positive, queer-positive and non-judgemental way.

Sex negativity disallows young people from being able to critically engage in discussions around their bodies, emotions and ideas around sex and sexuality.

Discussions around sexual consent, sex positivity and safe sex need to occur and need to be led by young women. Without their full participation, the story loses its relevancy and only assists in misdirection and the misconceptions around sex and sexuality.

This project intends to provide a safer space for young racialized and immigrant women to deeply engage in discussions around sex and sexuality- their fears, their excitements and their experiences and to develop appropriate and effective ways of addressing these issues from a young woman centered perspective.

Only 25 spots available!

For women aged 16-25

Bus tickets and childcare provided

To register, email Kimalee at by March 8th 2011.

Brought to you by
Insol: Womyn of Colour Collective &
Carleton Association of Women and the Law

Funding generously provided for by:
Girls Action Foundation


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