M.I.A and her ‘racist attack’ on redheads!


To even conceptualize of the idea that people are being round up simply because somehow their identity of being Muslim somehow equates to that of a being a terrorist is absurd [to some] yet this is exactly what happens under this global regime known as the ‘war against terror’ led by the US Empire. Yet M.I.A. Brilliantly captures this absurdity that is shrouded in racist ideologies in her video ‘Born Free’ where she illustrates the rounding up and execution (read extraditions) of red-heads . And many critique her on how graphic and violent the video is but reality check! This is the reality of so many oppressed and racialized groups of people and I am more than happy that M.I.A. Was able to capture this. Excellent analysis of racist and colonial ideologies that are ridiculously veiled under notions of ‘democracy’, ‘justice’ and ‘national protection’. Thank you M.I.A for effin having ‘the balls’ (and yes that was probably politically incorrect…but what can I say) for taking this oh so necessary risk!

Big ups M.I.A.!!!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEdk8YhieSQ


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